Volunteers are always welcome, but our children's safety is our highest priority.  Consequently, all school and PTSA volunteers are required to take a 30-minute mandatory training in person or online before interacting with students.  Upon completion, the session will generate a printable training certification.  The school's administration cannot allow you to volunteer without proof of training.

Training: Child Abuse and Neglect Information

Volunteer Handbook

After completing your training in person or online, you must read and sign the Volunteer Handbook.  Obtain your copy from the main office staff.  Please do read it thoroughly before you sign it.  The staff will not accept your signature on site, especially if you've made no effort to review the material.

Your training is not complete without this step, and you cannot be allowed to volunteer until then.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Volunteer Sign-In Log

Whether you volunteer for PTSA activities or everyday school functions, our kids benefit. But, did you know MCPS pays our school for your volunteer hours?  Our school has asked us to help encourage volunteer reporting.  Not only is it doubly beneficial, but it's also required:

MCPS Regulation IRB-RA: Use of Volunteer Services requires each principal to maintain record of the attendance of each volunteer using this form. Please complete each item requested. When reporting hours served, please include preparation time.

Please use the Volunteer Sign-In Log to record your hours for school-related volunteering at home or school and submit them to the main office monthly.  If you volunteer exclusively at school, there's a volunteer log at the front desk with plenty of blank pages to log your selfless contributions.

Volunteer Sign-In LogMCPS Form 311-56

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