Super Mario Power Walk-a-Thon – April 3, 2017

Monday morning, April 3, kicks off our day-long 2nd annual Super Mario Power Walk-a-Thon!  Our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Walk-a-Thon raises funds for a major fitness- or recreation-related project.  All students will participate in this fun-filled event during PE classes with no interruption to their daily schedules or instruction.  One of our PE teachers, Mrs. Rinker, will coordinate the fun on the large field just south of the building.  Students will exercise around a coned track and dash from one color-coded/numbered activity to another at the teacher's signal every 4-5 minutes.  Activities will include:

  • Keep It Up Volleyball - group volleys ball cooperatively as many times as possible
  • Bean Bag Sprint - how long does it take to collect them all?
  • Weave and Roll - push the large ball around all the cones in a figure-8 pattern
  • Hoop Lasso - throw hula hoops around cones like a giant ring toss game
  • Base Run - laps around bases placed in a diamond
  • Soccer Kick - kick a ball at a target
  • Parachute activities

Last year, our school community helped the PTA purchase additions for our grades 1-5 playground.  This year, we aim to address a critical need: shade!  There are currently no dedicated shaded spaces on the playground or blacktops.  Our children resort to hugging the building to catch the last slivers of shade before the sun hits high noon, or they make the best of a few trees beyond the playground boundaries that stretch ever so meagerly onto the blacktop.

Please help your kids get sponsors to raise funds!  The top 10 fundraisers will receive fitness activity digital watches (top 1-6) and LED shoe bands that light up when you walk (top 7-10)!  In addition, each student will receive 1 raffle ticket for every $5 he/she raises for a chance to win basketballs, footballs, and pedometers!  All pledged donations are due to the main office or your child(ren)'s teacher(s) by Friday, April 7.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Updated: September 18, 2017 — 11:45 pm

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