Dr. Charles R. Drew Elementary School PTA, Inc.

The Drew PTA enriches our children's educational experience by supporting and supplementing the school's resources with activities such as:

► The Dolphin Sound (PTA newsletter)
► Back-to-School Activities
► Dolphin Dance
► Fall/Spring Book Fairs
► Fall/Spring Fundraisers
► Ice Cream Social
► Silent Auction
► Staff Appreciation Week
► Walk-a-Thon

In addition to social events and activities, our PTA also financially supports educational efforts at Drew. Our goal is to continue to support the school's Arts Integration program and supplement classroom resources.

We care about our school community and:
► Communicate frequently with the school's administration to address needs and issues at large.
► Befriend our school's educators to address classroom needs, demonstrate support, and boost morale.
► Partner with parents to build positive, productive relationships and facilitate dialogue with school staff.
► Engage with students to meet their needs and listen to their ideas, requests, and wishes.

If a certain topic requires additional support, we appeal to MCCPTA, MCPS, and/or the Board of Education. Occasionally, when an endeavor demands it, we take our experiences and testimonies to the county council.

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